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Taito Milestones

Taito Corporation, Hamster, ININ Games
Feb 24, 2022 - Nintendo Switch

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TAITO MILESTONES - Official Trailer (ESRB)

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Critic Reviews for Taito Milestones

Overall, this is still a solid collection and there are some genuine gems tucked away here. I just feel that this collection could have been so much more and picked a better array of games to show off what used to make Taito such an arcade gaming powerhouse.

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At least what is here is solid. These games feature the standard options and the emulation is genuinely solid in most cases. I had fun diving into each game, but again only a couple warranted a repeat viewing. This feels more like Taito Obscurities as opposed to Milestones. For the price it ends up cheaper than picking up each game individually, but that is assuming you want all ten games. As a collection this feels more like an afterthought than a solid purchase.

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There may not be many games in here, but they do cover a broad range of genres and most of them are still great fun to play today. It's just a shame Switch owners have already had access to the majority of them, with the exact same features, for years already. The glaring lack of any extra features make it hard to appreciate the significance of the more obscure or basic titles unless you're prepared to go off and do some homework, and there are some very obvious milestones missing for no reason other than it allows Taito to make more money by splitting the games across multiple collections.

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TAITO Milestones is a no-frills package of ten '80s-era arcade games, most of which are available separately in the Nintendo eShop. If you don't already own the ones you want, it's a decent collection with some obscure gems that may become your new favorites. A couple, however, don't make a smooth transition from their arcade controls to your Joy-Con.

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There's no doubting that Taito's back catalogue of 1980s arcade titles still mostly hold up in Milestones. And if you haven't yet delved into the company's varied, genre-hopping history, than there's an argument for Taito Milestones being a sufficient if not entirely definitive investment.

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TAITO Milestones is a nice collection of arcade games from the 1980s but one that most likely won’t be to everyone’s tastes. Many of these games can be quite ugly and may not hold your attention for long. It is a nice way to see how TAITO’s games evolved over the span of that decade though from Qix that released in 1981 all the way to The Ninja Warriors that released in 1987. Fans of retro classics should take a look at this collection while everyone else may want to approach it with a bit more caution.

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Even in the six years between the earliest release and the latest of these 10 games, you can see a massive difference in quality and performance. While the lack of extra features and presentation is a tough pill to swallow, the online leaderboards for each title add excellent replay value to games that are all about chasing high scores. Going into these offerings and not expecting stone-cold classics is sure to be a refreshing and educational experience, and you might even find a few old-school arcade titles to keep on rotation.

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Taito Milestones may simply contain 10 classic arcade titles and nothing else but some of these games offer timeless enjoyable challenges that you can spend hours trying to master. I just wish there was some kind of bonus content to scratch more of that retro itch.

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