Republique: Anniversary Edition

Mar 10, 2022 - Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation VR

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République: Anniversary Edition - Announcement Trailer - Switch, PS4, PSVR thumbnail

République: Anniversary Edition - Announcement Trailer - Switch, PS4, PSVR

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Critic Reviews for Republique: Anniversary Edition

There’s a lot to like and very little to dislike about République. The tank controls can take some time to get used to. And the auto-switching of the camera angle can be a pain among some other small annoyances. But quite honestly for an old IOS game, this title is surprisingly packed with content and replayability. It also offers an interesting and unique way to play stealth games. If you’re a fan of these kinds of games, I would certainly recommend giving République a go!

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It's a tentative "yes", then, to this fascinating and flawed stealth game with an impressive sense of place; some will bounce off it harder than our Switch bounced off the wall when we got caught by yet another guard, but many will find it atmospheric, challenging and compelling. Definitely worth your attention, even if it's just to find out you don't like it.

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Republique Anniversary Edition has an interesting story, fun sneaking gameplay, and quite a bit of the game to play. That said, is there anything exceptional about this Anniversary Edition? Not really. The change in perspective from its original release ruins the experience. It was far more tense, and ultimately enjoyable, when I was not in direct control of the main character. My actions felt far scarier because of their consequence on the main character. With the new perspective, I may be in control of the character, but I can't see anything in front of me. In the end, if you were a huge fan of stealth games, then maybe Republique is for you. If you're looking for the next great futuristic adventure, then you're likely in for a disappointing time.

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République is proof that mobile games can have depth and can be as complex as their PC or console counterparts. Despite the many improvements it brings, the Anniversary Edition cannot shed its touch screen heritage and the control on the gamepad is still cumbersome.

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While it is not incredibly interactive, République VR is a great PSVR title because it immerses you in the story. It will make you feel attached and connected to the protagonist as she looks up to you in desperate help, and the environments look grander than ever. It may not have the most challenging or groundbreaking stealth action, but République VR is a deftly crafted and timely dystopian thriller.

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Republique is a fascinating game with a unique gameplay hook that works incredibly well all these years later. Whilst the story doesn’t hit the landing, with a somewhat weak final act, it is shrouded in plenty of mystery and a world intriguing enough to push you through. Here’s hoping that, with this Anniversary Edition, there’s plans to return to this franchise, or, at the very least, a resurgence in this particular type of stealth-based gameplay loop.

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République is definitely a game which was deliberately designed as a throwback stealth title, and on those criteria, it certainly succeeded. That said however, the camera system is nonetheless frustrating, and while the stealth gameplay is solid, it does get rather repetitive as time goes by. The Anniversary Edition isn’t a graphical overhaul so it’s still the same visuals from 2016, but the story and world remain as interesting as they ever were. If you missed République the first time around on iOS or the second time on its original console release, and you’re a fan of old-school stealth games, this should certainly be a game you’ll enjoy. For more casual players, it will depend on your tolerance for struggling with the movement and camera system.

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République: Anniversary Edition is a stealth adventure worthy of going beyond its origins on mobile devices and reaching consoles. The Switch inherits the touch controls but these were to me a minor inconvenience rather than a practical option, as I could use the [Joy-Con] buttons that obviously weren't available on the iOS and Android versions. The game's plot, so intricate and filled with critics and charged sociopolitical discourse can be checked out by Portuguese speakers thanks to the subtitles in PT-BR, even though the translation work is unfortunately incomplete, leaving some minor texts still in English. It is even my gripe with the new content in this anniversary edition: the developer commentary collected during the campaign don't feature subtitles, even in English, forcing us to make an effort to listen to the sometimes rushed talks that can be hard to understand. Putting aside the disappointing bonus, and the camera and movements issues already mentioned, République has a lot to offer for fans of stealth and exploration, as well as lovers of social criticism.

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