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Cosmonious High

Owlchemy Labs
Mar 31, 2022 - PC, HTC Vive, Meta Quest, PlayStation 5

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Cosmonious High - Launch Trailer - Owlchemy Labs

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Critic Reviews for Cosmonious High

Cosmonious High makes being the new kid in class feel truly special. It's not quite as universal as the "robots do human things" humour of Job Simulator, but never gives up on being positive, from the alien character designs, to the vibrant colour palette, and the sandbox of simple puzzles and powers to use. It's just missing that half step of complexity as a VR experience.

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Throughout my time with Cosmonious High, I was regularly delighted by the colorful visuals, fun cast, interesting classes, and overall variety of activities in the game. Not only is this a solidly expanded adventure from the delightful experiences Owlchemy Labs has shown us in the past, but I think it’s the first time I’d ever specifically recommend a VR game to younger players. VR can be such a niche hobby, but Cosmonious High has all the charm and cheek of a good Nickelodeon kids show. Nothing is ever too complicated and you’re never tied down to a single task if you’d rather go explore something else. Put this altogether and Cosmonious High is a stellar VR adventure that can be enjoyed by pretty much anyone.

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Cosmonious High is a fun, albeit brief, VR experience which allows you to drop into a school in disarray and obtain a variety of powers which can then be used to fix the school or cause more chaos. The assignments are fun, the VR mechanics work great, and the characters are hilarious, making Cosmonious High a game well worth spending a few hours on.

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Cosmonious High is a candy-coloured treat for players of all ages. Developer Owlchemy Labs has applied its low pressure sandbox experience to a madcap school full of things to see and do, and there's some great VR design on display. The powers at your disposal are fun to use, while classes offer up some varied tasks that make the most of Sony's new hardware. While some more comfort options would've been nice and playing sat down isn't really an option, the game's relaxed tone and variety of gameplay makes it worth enrolling.

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There is a range of unique classes to experience in Cosmonious High, including Visualetics, Sports Dome, and Astralgebra. The school is split up into three wings that can be accessed from the Grand Hall, or through secret passages in the vents that the Prismi will eventually be able to open. The environment in Cosmonious High encourages exploration while still steering the Prismi toward their ultimate goal. Owlchemy takes the chaos of being a new student on the first day of high school and amplifies it for a unique and entertaining VR adventure with Cosmonious High.

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Smooth controls, a varied and inclusive cast of characters, and a phenomenal amount of things to do make this such an easy 10/10 for me. The only downside I can think of is that it has an ending.

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Cosmonious High is yet another delightful gem for PlayStation VR2 and I'm very happy that such a unique and charming game exists for the platform. So, if you want some cute and lighthearted fun in the virtual realm then I definitely recommend it.

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Cosmonius High is Owlchemy Labs’ best game to date, bar none. The developer took everything that made its past games special and fit it together with master precision to create this one. The sound design, physics, and characters go far to make the player feel like they’re in a real intergalactic high school.

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