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Sep 19, 2022 - PC

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95 / 100
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9 / 10
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4.5 / 5
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4.5 / 5
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Critic Reviews for HYPER DEMON

Compact and terrifying, this score-attack shooter feels like it's come from the future.

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A masterpiece that will have you soaring like an angel through the depths of hell.

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A superbly focused first person shooter that instantly gets to the heart of the genre, while providing plenty of unique twists – especially in terms of its psychedelic visuals.

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Hyper Demon builds upon the excellent foundation established by Devil Daggers, offering a more mechanically complex shooter that's also more approachable than its predecessor.

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In the end, HYPER DEMON is a fabulous evolution over the core concept of Sorath's previous game, but it won't be for everyone. The high level of difficulty and demand for skillful play, in addition to the slightly higher price tag of $15 USD, will keep many players away. Others will balk at a game that has only one singular mode to work through, and no amount of leaderboards, interactive tutorials, or its meaty replay and clip feature are likely to make much of a difference. But for HYPER DEMON's target audience, there's really nothing else out there that scratches the same itch, and it's balanced with every bit of the innovation, artistry, and design - to say nothing of the knife-edge precision - that made Devil Daggers such an underrated classic.

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A technical marvel with visuals intended to convey so much information to the player that no amount of gameplay footage will adequately prepare you for them. Hyper Demon is a sequel that expands on and improves a winning formula.

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The surprise Devil Daggers sequel is a punishing FPS but rewards perseverance with astonishing multicolour ultraviolence

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As indebted as the game might be to the bones and essentials of Devil Daggers, Hyper Demon truly looks and plays like nothing else I’ve encountered in 2022. In a year with no shortage of twitch shooters like Neon White and Metal: Hellsinger, Hyper Demon reigns supreme as a bullet-hell shooter par excellence.

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