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Atari Mania

iLLOGIKA Studios, Atari
Oct 13, 2022 - Nintendo Switch, PC

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Critic Reviews for Atari Mania

Atari Mania is an absolute blast. The world includes a number of puzzles that adds variety to the speedy microgames formula. While the company lacks the same number of mainstream icons as Nintendo, the implementation of popular IPs is masterful. The controls are a little stiff and performance did falter at times, however, the love and admiration for the classics are palpable. With its imaginative mashups, nostalgia-filled collectibles and extremely addictive gameplay loop, Ataria Mania is a must for retro enthusiasts.

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7.5 / 10.0
Ken McKown

Atari Mania is a great trip down memory lane with a unique twist on the micro-game genre. There are misses here, but there are just as many hits in the mini-games. For kids like me who grew up with these consoles it is fun to see them interpreted in a new way. I wish it was more polished, but this has truly primed me for the massive 50th Anniversary Collection set to release in November.

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Atari Mania is not going to have an issue finding its own audience. There are gamers out there who are historians and will get a kick out of it. With 150+ minigames, and some very challenging unlockable items, it will keep you busy. These are the hardest Atari games rolled up into one charming, nostalgic mini-game extravaganza. Grab this one if you like that good ol' Atari pain.

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iLLOGIKA Studios’ Atari Mania tugs at the heartstrings of old gamers in a good attempt to reignite interest in Atari 2600 games. The way that the game uses older titles to create mini-games is genius, if not straight from the pages of Wario World. The only caveat is that you get some of that 1980s unforgiving difficulty with it, which at times can make the game a bit unfun. It’s still a solid attempt at creating something new with the Atari brand, and certainly one you should check out.

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Atari Mania is a mess that fails to recall the tight gameplay or pixilated wonder of Atari's past despite its inspired premise.

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Atari Mania's mash-up of microgames presents a chaotic blast of nostalgia, but the general repetition and some frustrating difficulty dampen the mood pretty quickly. Its unique approach to retro gaming is, therefore, best enjoyed by those with fond memories of playing all these games back in the day.

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Atari Mania could be a really fun retro game for both old and young, but the developers failed to translate the imaginative concept into fun gameplay. There is a lot of variable content, but the unresponsive controls cause a lot of frustration.

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Atari Mania offers a fun trip to the past for those who are a fan of Atari’s lineage. There is a lot of love sprinkled throughout in the form of collectibles, the variety of mini-games, and the look and sound of the game. What you may not like is the lack of explanation on how to play some of the mini-games and the load times. I would say Atari purists should give this the hardest look while those who are less familiar with the brand will at least want to wait on a sale.

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