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The Witch's House MV

Fummy, Dangen Entertainment
Oct 30, 2018 - PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4
PSX Brasil
70 / 100
7 / 10
Hey Poor Player
3.5 / 5
Nindie Spotlight
6.2 / 10
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The Witch's House MV - Official Trailer

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Critic Reviews for The Witch's House MV

The Witch's House MV is a fun and challenging horror game, albeit a relatively short experience. Despite the limitations it faces, it is a great example of the creativity that comes from indie games and how much they shine in this genre.

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While it can be short, this is a title that can and should be experienced at least once, which is why I’m glad the original is still widely available for free. If you just want to see what the fuss is about, it’s simple enough to find it online. However, if you find yourself enjoying the punishing, gruesome tale being told here, I encourage you to support Fummy’s work and pick up The Witch’s House MV as a way of saying thank you, and to see a brand new facet for this sincerely horrifying game.

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I don’t have too many complaints about The Witch’s House MV. Yes, the game is short, and sure, the story is lacking. But when this game is on point, it’s really on point. The Witch’s House MV expertly utilizes its creepy atmosphere, unsettling sound effects, and delightful jump scares to ensure at least a few moments of increased adrenaline. While I wish the game was longer, there is a decent amount of replayability, with the newly added difficulty mode offering different puzzle solutions and an ending you’ll definitely want to obtain. For such a short and simple game, it was certainly a memorable experience.

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While it’s the right time of year for some creepiness and scares, quality still needs to count for something

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