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Paper Cut Mansion

Space Lizard Studio LTD, Thunderful
Oct 27, 2022 - PC

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Critic Reviews for Paper Cut Mansion

Paper Cut Mansion is a fun, if simplified, roguelite that benefits from a charming art style. The game opens with a warning that the adventure is themed around horror but it’s really hard to be scared of violent paper cutouts. Getting around each floor of the house can be a little disorienting because there is no map or landmarks to get your bearings. That confusion wears away the longer you play, however. There are a lot of familiar modular elements that become more noticeable with each playthrough. With its procedurally generated level design, a staggering number of endings, and creative artistic spark, Paper Cut Mansion is fun and can be enjoyed in short bursts.

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Paper Cut Mansion offers some interesting dimension-hopping gameplay, enjoyable puzzles, and unique cardboard visuals that make it standout from similar titles in the genre. However, it's ultimately let down by its slow pacing and repetition of content.

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There is a good game in Paper Cut Mansion, but it would need at least a year polishing and refining what's here to make it worthwhile. As it is, the interesting concept and excellent art direction can't make up for shallow gameplay and clunky mechanics. Nothing in this game is terrible, but there are far better roguelites out there to spend your time and money on.

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Paper Cut Mansion is a strange, sometimes spooky but mostly unique take on the tried-and-true adventure roguelike genre.

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Paper Cut Mansion is a cute and spooky roguelite with a brilliant sense of design and a tantalizing mystery at its core.

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Paper Cut Mansion makes a great first impression, with its original environments and characters. The adventure game mechanics, mostly linked to the NeoCortex, are also well-implemented, although a little more clarity in room layout would have helped. The ideas for the other two dimensions are less interesting but add important variety. The entire experience starts off a little slow but there’s plenty of intrigue to keep players engaged after a few hours.

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Quite a unique light scary game, where players can enjoy an interesting graphic style, exciting action, fun puzzle and revealing the story and mystery of the house.

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Go ahead and take a look, but only if you really like the "cut of Paper Cut Mansion's jib"

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