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Bulwark Studios, Kasedo Games
Dec 8, 2022 - PC

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Critic Reviews for IXION

An enticing premise held back by uneven pacing and glaring technical issues.

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It probably sounds frustrating. And it is. I walked away a few times in disgust. But as is clear from the tone of this review, I always came back. That counts more than anything else. That’s the most important thing. I liked spending time in Ixion’s world, in Ixion’s story. I like space disaster stories. Eventually, I was happy to bump myself down to the ‘story’ difficulty, because I didn’t want to miss out. I like looking at it, and I like listening to it. I plan to return to Ixion, to once again embrace sweet failure.

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IXION is a game packed with good ideas and great execution which is a rare combo these days. The gameplay is rather innovative for a city-building title and the story is no short of a well-made Sci-Fi movie. IXION is a must-play for city-building lovers!

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Unknown Author
7.1 / 10.0

As a space-style "farming" game, "IXION" presented a cold space world and the space station "Tai Kun". It is not only home for players, but also a carrier for exploration and advancement. The experience of wandering in space with home is quite unique. But beyond this, "IXION" did not bring more surprises to the players. The imperfect details, fast pace in the early and mid-term, and some unreasonable difficulty settings make players easily frustrated.

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Ixion perhaps could be used as an example of flying so high... and then missing the mark and falling pretty far down. There is so much to recommend and enjoy about the game, especially if only checking the first few hours. But the more you play, the flaws, difficulty, unravelling story, and pretty much everything else frustrates to such a degree that many players are not going to finish the game, either due to the difficulty, or simply not wanting to do the same thing for five hours and hoping their ship doesn't blow up randomly.

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Spooky One
10 / 10.0

Beautiful setting and sound design, fantastic story, and perfectly implemented gameplay mechanics make IXION an easy 10 for me.

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With IXION the folks at Bulkwark Studios have radically traded in their alternate future formula for a compelling and well written space odyssey set in the far reaches of the universe. The connection between the gameplay and the dynamic narrative is impressive, and the result is a great experience.

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So, in order effectively play this challenging city-building, survival hybrid, players will need an upper mid-tier PC. It's unfortunate because IXION is a game that quickly catches the player's attention and, despite it's high demands of the player, it finds a way to feel balanced and fair. For those that enjoy this type of game and have the hardware to comfortably play it, then there's no hesitation in recommending this title. Otherwise, it might be better to start with a less intense game in this genre and wait for some performance patches to avoid the punishment of the ever spinning wheels of fire and buffering.

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