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Power Chord

Big Blue Bubble Inc.
Jan 26, 2023 - PC

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Critic Reviews for Power Chord

Power Chord's slick card-slinging combat is weighed down by a gaudy aesthetic and lack of variety.

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If you can get past its more grind-y elements, Power Chord can still be a fun deckbuilding roguelike game thanks to its impressive blend of influence that makes great use of its "Battle of the Bands" setup. It's something for every headbanger to check out, as well as fans of the genre who don't minds banging their heads against walls as they gradually chip down each tough demon in their path. Not exactly worthy of a Platinum record, but it can still be an enjoyable listen.

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Power Chord is a perfectly competent but entirely unexceptional roguelike deck builder. Once you take away the rock 'n' roll theme, it's pretty much another Slay the Spire clone that doesn't do enough to differentiate itself from the rest. It looks nice and plays well, but it doesn't stand out. If you've already burned through the other games in the genre and want something new, Power Chord will be the nice snack, but don't expect it to be a long-term engagement.

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All in all, I’m having a great time with Power Chord. I really like the playable characters, their designs, and how I have to account for multiple synergies. The presentation and attention to detail put it way above most other deck builders, and the dedication to heavy metal aesthetics encompassing every part of the game is truly commendable. With some balancing, especially with how it handles difficulty, I think Power Chord can become an even better title with hours of enjoyment and replayability.

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Much like playing an instrument, Power Chord is all about learning, adapting, and creating beautiful music to the beat of slaying demons.

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While there are better deck building games out, Power Chord nailed the heavy metal theme and rocking gameplay, the design choices just didn’t land on the beat.

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Power Chord mixes rock and cards in a great roguelike. Facing demons in the company of musician-warriors is pretty exciting, mainly because of the solid turn-based combat and elaborate setting. In addition, numerous accessories, events and skills make runs distinctive and interesting. Perhaps it lacks a bit of daring, after all the game doesn't offer unique ideas or mechanics, but this is compensated for with vast and diverse content. In the end, Power Chord is a remarkable deck-building experience.

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Power Chord unleashes its loud style upon deckbuilding roguelites. The game introduces a creative band format with strategic roles for each member to play, adding a new layer to the familiar gameplay structure. Still, it's more style over substance with a lack of balance, interesting story or music, and a handful of gameplay issues. Otherwise, Power Chord is an entertaining game for fans of the genre.

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