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Sons of the Forest

Endnight Games Ltd, Newnight
Feb 23, 2023 - PC
8 / 10
9 / 10
7 / 10
Rock, Paper, Shotgun
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Critic Reviews for Sons of the Forest

Even in early access, Sons of the Forest is already a strong survival crafter sequel that takes all the things The Forest did so well and does them a little bit better.

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Sons of the Forest is exciting, immersive, and beautiful. It is also extremely scary and absolutely packed with content. These are things you probably expect from a big game, but not a budget Early Access title. Sons of the Forest somehow manages to be all of these things simultaneously, and there is still more to come.

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Despite having less content, Sons of the Forest in its early access state is a shinier and better version of its predecessor and I look forward to future updates.

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Sons of the Forest is an utterly engrossing game, and in losing myself in it, hours went by as I explored. For me, the main concerns are in content density, lack of direction, and a lingering feeling of being unfinished which, to be fair, is totally understandable from an early-access title. The building is a little clunky. There are visual issues with certain animations. It’s also given way to many hilarious glitches, including a physics issue that launched my character into the sky while chopping down a tree.

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The highly anticipated sequel surpasses the original with fantastic AI, atmosphere, and building, but ultimately feels devoid of content so far.

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Unknown Author
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"There's a lot of weirdness in the world that just begs for more investigation"

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