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Pomelo Games, Pomelo Games
Mar 7, 2023 - PC
Game Informer
8.3 / 10
8 / 10
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7 / 10
Rock, Paper, Shotgun
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Critic Reviews for OUTLANDERS

Though the unforgiving moments where I watched my followers drop like flies wore on me at times, I loved how each scenario challenged me to balance all of these factors to accomplish a set of goals. Outlanders can be challenging and frustrating, but I rarely felt overwhelmed. Outlanders doesn't deliver on the grand scale of the large city simulations many associate with the genre, but its small-scale approach appeals to the task-oriented part of your brain, creating an immensely satisfying experience that brought me back time and time again.

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Outlanders blends satisfying strategy with an enticingly chill vibe, and packs a surprising amount of humor into its mostly wordless story. Don’t let its cute exterior fool you — Outlanders will test your strategic abilities even as it draws you in with its cozy charm.

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Outlanders is a fun game with a significant challenge for the player. I enjoyed trying to meet the leaders’ demands on each mission. I didn’t always succeed first try, but that’s part of the challenge to try again.

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The beautiful art and relaxing music of Outlanders can't save it from totally busted systems, constant softlocking, and exceedingly poor UI design choices.

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Outlanders is a small-scale city-builder that pulls you in with the jolly visuals but really gets its hooks in you with the focussed objectives and micromanagement. Things play out at a pace just north of ‘glacial’ which can be relaxing and/or infuriating, but the chill banjo soundtrack will do its utmost to calm the savage beast of your frustration and keep you chugging along. A fun entry to the genre - I loved the stripped back, low-stakes objectives and the need to keep an eye on the smallest details, but the mechanics don’t leave a lot of room for error which can be a headache when you’re learning the ropes.

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The slow pace of Outlanders gets a little too slow at times, but this is a genuinely charming town builder with a modern sense of humour, and a great antidote to towering skyscrapers or technological arms races.

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