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Gamecom Team, Freedom Games
Mar 31, 2023 - PC
64 / 100
6 / 10
5 / 10
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Critic Reviews for Troublemaker

Overall, Troublemaker is a charming, yet somewhat flawed beat-’em-up title. While the atmosphere, presentation, setting, and ideas were executed well, there were some glaring issues that affected the overall package. Despite these issues, gamers even remotely interested in a beat-’em-up title set in an Indonesian High School should take a closer look at the game. Troublemaker is a great example of the unique perspective and style that a small development team can bring to a game. I would recommend Troublemaker to anyone looking for a fun and unique beat-’em-up experience with a distinctly Indonesian twist.

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Troublemaker is another Deadly Premonition, in that it’s a game that’s objectively flawed, broken and messy. Even so, the ridiculousness and sheer enjoyment it’ll bring to your face as you continue to play will make you love it for what it is – an immature, hilariously enjoyable beat-em-up with a non-sensical story and repetitive gameplay. One of the best worst games you’ll ever play.

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I really wanted to have a positive experience with Troublemaker. You can see that the developers had their hearts in place. There was also ambition, which is good for creativity. However, none of this is enough if you lack the technical capacity to execute your ideas properly.

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