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Mr. Sun's Hatbox

Kenny Sun, Raw Fury
Apr 20, 2023 - PC, Nintendo Switch

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Mr Sun's Hatbox | Launch Trailer | Steam & Nintendo Switch

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Mr. Sun's Hatbox | Announcement

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Critic Reviews for Mr. Sun's Hatbox

Mr. Sun’s Hatbox is charming and funny as hell. As silly as it is, the game is quite clever in the way it melds systems together, constantly introducing something new to juggle or consider when planning a mission or expanding your base. Its roguelite elements raise the stakes of every heist and make every success feel all the sweeter. While some balancing issues led to early frustrations, Mr. Suns’s Hatbox is an impressive little package.

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Mr Sun's Hatbox blends a whole lot of fantastic ideas together, offering great variety, and a unique take on a familiar genre.

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Luckily, as the player progresses, builds an army of strong combatants with useful quirks, accumulates a stockpile of weapons and hats, and unlocks perks in the research lab, the game gets easier. The challenge definitely remains, but the balance begins to noticeably shift from frustration to fun. People jumping into Mr. Sun’s Hatbox should be prepared to get annoyed and occasionally exit the game feeling irked. But those who persevere will be rewarded with an indie roguelite that ticks all the boxes and is perfect for a quick, fulfilling play session.

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Just as the titular Mr. Sun is shocked over how many people you send to their death in pursuit of his hatbox, players might be shocked over how fun and addictive Mr. Sun's Hatbox can be. Impressive stealth platforming with a ton of options makes for a great time, while the colorful, pixelated art plays host to lot of nicely-comical details.

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Drawing surprising parallels to Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker’s mechanics, Mr Sun’s Hatbox delivers an overall enjoyable indie experience.

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Mr. Sun's Hatbox is a delightful video game that combines ideas from a range of genres and delivers a fun result. Jumping on enemy hats and heads never gets old, especially when the player’s character only has one health left and the kidnapping target is in sight. Big firefights manage to be chaotic and entertaining, even when failure is the end result.

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I had a wonderful time with Mr. Sun's Hatbox and I'm looking forward to playing it more so if you're in the mood for some silly 2D action that'll keep throwing curveballs your way then be sure to strap on a poo hat and try it out, ya dangus.

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Mr. Sun’s Hatbox is a great pixel art game that proves looks can be deceiving. The game has a lot of charm, potential, and great gameplay; these three aspects combined into one game are a rarity. If we take into account the multiplayer side of the game as well, it’s a good game for hardcore players who want something more relaxed or a casual group of friends needing a laugh while going out on heists.

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