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Route 5 Games, Ratalaika Games S.L.
Apr 28, 2023 - Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S
Pure Nintendo
6 / 10
6.5 / 10
Nindie Spotlight
7.2 / 10
Seafoam Gaming
6 / 10
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Critic Reviews for Gematombe

Gematombe is a fun and simple block-breaking game. It's cute and colorful with an amusingly silly story. Despite a few modes to keep you entertained, they rely on the same block-mechanic, which can lead to tedium. hopefully the developer can breathe life into this one via DLC or other updates.

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Gematombe is a new twist on the traditional brick-breaking game where you are bouncing a ball on a paddle to take out blocks. I never found it to be addictive like other puzzle games, and I don't think it has much replayability.

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With a design somewhere between Breakout and Bust-A-Move, Gematombe has its own vibe, but feels bare bones overall

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Gemtombe is a good original arcade puzzle with a nice happy tone to it. As mentioned, this feels like a good beginning. But other games in the genre have had a long head start meaning this still feels like it has a bit of catching up to do. The game could just do with a bit of refinement in more areas. More depth to the puzzle gameplay, more game modes and more levels. This package is fine, but it feels like the starting point of something much better to come later. If you need a quick arcade fix, then keep this on your radar when scanning the eShop.

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Gematombe is a really clever blend of two puzzle genres, and in concept, it works out remarkably well, with a lot of addictive potential. Sadly, the pacing of the game is a really big issue, and even when the difficulty is cranked up, the game never feels as frantic or speedy as it should have been. I feel like if this game style was played in say, a Super Turbo style of speed, I’d be singing a lot more praise for this competitive brick breaker and go back to it a lot, but as it stands now, Gematombe has a long way to go and is rather content lite.

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