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May 4, 2023 - Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PC

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Ravenlok - Release Date Trailer [Official 4K 60fps] thumbnail

Ravenlok - Release Date Trailer [Official 4K 60fps]

Ravenlok - Game Trailer #Shorts #Xbox #EpicGamesStore #fairytale #game thumbnail

Ravenlok - Game Trailer #Shorts #Xbox #EpicGamesStore #fairytale #game

Ravenlok - Official Reveal Trailer [Xbox, PC, Epic Game Store] thumbnail

Ravenlok - Official Reveal Trailer [Xbox, PC, Epic Game Store]

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Critic Reviews for Ravenlok

Beautiful, polished and painfully hollow. Ravenlok's bones are immaculate, but lack meat or connective tissue.

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No Recommendation / Blank

A beautiful but rather hollow and one-note trip to a familiar world of wonder and misrule.

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If you have kids interested in things like fantasy storytelling and adventure games, but titles like the recent Legend of Zelda feel like too much for them, Ravenlok is an easy suggestion. And if you’re just looking for something breezy that’s visually enticing but not much of an investment otherwise, you can do a lot worse than this. It may be a little monotonous and unambitious, but the adventure is over well before it can overstay its welcome. Ravenlok feels like a nice piece of fluff that’s polished and genre-heavy enough to be fun, but won’t address any cravings for the next big game in your stack.

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Ravenlok is not for hardcore gamers that want to invest hundreds of hours into their games or who are looking for a challenge. It's a short, sweet, easy game that's perfect for sitting back and relaxing or as a good starter game for kids. It's totally at home on Xbox Game Pass and subscribers shouldn't miss their opportunity to check it out.

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Ravenlok possesses the blueprint for a fantastic series inspired by novels and fairy tales. If Cococucumber expands on the narrative experience and strengthens the combat system in their next outing, wonderful adventures await.

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I said this above, but I feel like it bears repeating; Ravenlok feels like the culmination of all the work this team has done using voxel tech. It is a beautiful game, one that evokes images of various Disney/Pixer type worlds and just as vivid. Each of the worlds offer side quests and various characters to interact with that was all enjoyable. Aside from the easy combat I enjoyed my time with Ravenlok and if you are looking for a quick fantasy adventure, I can’t recommend it enough.

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For young players without any action RPG experience, Ravenlok could certainly serve as an introduction to the genre. The controls are simple and the environments are beautiful. The main character and narrative are straightforward and relatable. Experienced gamers might be put off by the intentional lack of depth in combat and movement, but even for them, this short game might be worth playing just for the art and imaginative characters and world.

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At this point, we have in our hands a game that exudes charisma, style and a lot of passion, in Cococucumber they can boast and feel very proud of the work they have achieved. It is not easy to be an independent developer, get hundreds of proposals on the market and stand out from all of them, this is something that has been achieved.

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