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Death or Treat

Saona Studios, Hawthorn Games, PERPETUAL
May 11, 2023 - Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, PC, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch

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Video Chums
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Death or Treat: Teaser Trailer Official  || Saona Studios thumbnail

Death or Treat: Teaser Trailer Official || Saona Studios

Death or Treat: Teaser Trailer Official || Saona Studios thumbnail

Death or Treat: Teaser Trailer Official || Saona Studios

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Critic Reviews for Death or Treat

With its wonderful hand-drawn aesthetic Death or Treat looks like it should be fantastic. Never judge a video game by its visuals however, as those visual delights disguise a bland and repetitive roguelite. Death or Treat? More like Death or Trick.

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In short, Death or Treat is a very pretty game with a nice soundtrack. It looks like it should be fun. Unfortunately, after a certain point–when you reach the first boss–it stops being fun. I really hope the control issues are the result of a lackluster PC port and not inherent to the game. Either way, I don’t think I’ll play it again until the controls are fixed.

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An aesthetically fine action roguelite that does not offer any particular gameplay cues but allows itself to be enjoyed. It lacks a bit of optimization that materializes in a few too many stumbles both at the technical level and in usability.

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Death Or Treat can be a fun 2D rogue-lite at first, but the gameplay becomes bland far too quickly, well before the much more polished final stage which comes too late to be the game's savior, and the charm created by its admittedly excellent visual style and animation isn't enough to keep you going, especially when that visual style is bogged down by commentary that only distracts you from the game's world.

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7.5 / 10.0

Can you help Scary beat Faceboo to save Ghost Mart?

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Death or Treat is a game with a very fun combat and setting, capable of guaranteeing a good time for a few hours. But, as a roguelite, it ends up suffering from the lack of challenges and the consequent lack of motivation to continue playing it for many runs.

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Death or Treat is a very fun 2D action roguelike with impressively immersive combat that'll have you giddily juggling Halloween monstrosities while they spew out candy as if they're piñatas and it's your birthday.

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Duuro Magazine

No Recommendation / Blank
Duuro Magazine

On paper, Death or Treat should work. An action hack-and-slash rogue-lite 2D game with beautiful hand-drawn environments sounds cool, right? Unfortunately, a subpar gameplay experience and horrible performance make this a tough game to recommend.

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