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Fitness Circuit

Spike Chunsoft US
May 26, 2023 - Nintendo Switch

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Fitness Circuit Trailers

Fitness Circuit - 30 sec System Trailer - Nintendo Switch thumbnail

Fitness Circuit - 30 sec System Trailer - Nintendo Switch

Fitness Circuit Introduction Trailer - EU version | Nintendo Switch™ thumbnail

Fitness Circuit Introduction Trailer - EU version | Nintendo Switch™

Fitness Circuit Introduction Trailer | Nintendo Switch™ thumbnail

Fitness Circuit Introduction Trailer | Nintendo Switch™

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Critic Reviews for Fitness Circuit

Solid and definitely has an audience. There could be some hard-to-ignore faults, but the experience is fun.

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Improve your fitness while having fun? It might just be possible with Fitness Circuit.

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Fitness Circuit offers a convenient, flexible, and thorough way to get in some guided exercise. The visuals look like an anime adventure, the audio is well done, and the controls are easy to use. Kudos to the developers, as Fitness Circuit is an easy recommendation for your Switch library.

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8 / 10.0

A good option for working out at home for as little as 10 minutes a day

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Fitness Circuit is a great fitness game that requires a small time commitment and has a fun gameplay component that makes it feel more like a game than just working out. The biggest criticism I have is the repetitive music that you hear, I wish there were more options to select instead of just turning it down.

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Checkpoint Gaming

Checkpoint Staff
7 / 10.0
Checkpoint Gaming

With a changing Daily Circuit mode and a Custom Circuit mode offering players different ways to structure their workouts, Fitness Circuit is a great fit for players with different exercise needs. The personal profile's focus on weight and BMI may not be ideal, however, it is fortunately optional. If you're keen on a Switch game that helps you fit a quick workout into a busy day, Fitness Circuit is worth checking out.

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For what it offers, Fitness Circuit is a nice entry to the list of games on Nintendo Switch featuring an exercise niche. Workouts are as relaxed or as energetic as you want them to be, and the sessions are ideal for short daily bursts of play, intended for those who find themselves incurred with busy schedules. Unfortunately, there isn’t much here to keep you invested in the long run, the lack of incentives to actively engage you are threadbare, and there isn’t the substance necessary to keep you hooked for long. You might like Fitness Circuit as a reliable exercise companion for a little while, but before long, it’ll run out of steam, and you’ll revert to a more substantial package.

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In the end, "Fitness Circuit" is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, we get the reduced version of a fitness game in which the developers have deliberately focused on the essentials. The latter are 45 basically good fitness exercises, which unfortunately bring certain compromises on the side of muscle building due to the system. Nevertheless, it is a good opportunity for those who don't like fitness to get in shape in a playful way! In contrast to "Ring Fit Adventure", for example, the exercises are also feasible for complete beginners.

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