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E-Home Entertainment, Rubber Duck
May 25, 2023 - Xbox Series X/S, PC, Xbox One

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Critic Reviews for Evil Wizard

Evil Wizard is a fun and engaging title that is easy to recommend for action adventure enthusiasts.

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The worst thing that I can say about Evil Wizard is that it isn't really anything new. A malicious black mage-looking bad guy battling heroes who are actually villains is a well-worn trope at this point, and the combat and general exploration is fun but somewhat unmemorable. It's a fun game through and through, but it's also exactly what it says on the tin, and it revels in it. Evil Wizard offers goofy humor, video game references, and fun combat - and sometimes, that's all that it needs to do.

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Although there's a lot of humour and good times packed into Evil Wizard, its combat is quite middling and can be rather frustrating.

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Evil Wizard is a solid Metroidvania title that wants to cast a spell on you with its humor. If it succeeds, you just might find yourself with a new favorite game.

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I will admit Evil Wizard did not deliver the best first impression for me. The constant interruption of gameplay to tell some joke got old pretty quickly. I admit I can see a sizable audience loving this humour. When things focused on the gameplay, I was enjoying the flow of the experience. Combat is a fair challenge made more enjoyable by the game’s epic boss battles. It also changes the pace of playing an adventure game without a 2D platformer. It’s a solid experience that will keep you entertained throughout. Some may even call this the Evil Zelda game. Evil Wizard shows it’s good to be bad sometimes.

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And that’s perhaps the keyword I’d use to describe the package as a whole – fun. Evil Wizard, while not doing anything to reinvent the genre, is just a fun, damn time. Once the writing finds its feet after a shaky opening hour, there are plenty of laugh-out-loud moments to be had, and the combat, while not especially deep, is polished and engaging. In a year where we are absolutely drowning in big-budget affairs that allow us to live out our heroic fantasies in spectacular fashion, it was a joy to take a slight detour and spend a few hours in the company of vitriolic little Wizard who hates the world and everyone around him.

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