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C-Smash VRS

Wolf & Wood Interactive, RapidEyeMovers
Jun 23, 2023 - PlayStation 5, PlayStation VR

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C-Smash VRS Teaser announcement Trailer (ESRB)

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Critic Reviews for C-Smash VRS

A crisply drawn futuristic racquet sport with consistent and nuanced physics that's let down by a user base too small to support online matchmaking.

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C-Smash VRS feels like the culmination of an idea twenty-odd years in gestation, with a great multiplayer offering, only stumbling with its single player.

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C-Smash VRS is a brilliantly restorative VR experience. With finely tuned motion controls, sparklingly simple visuals, and a chilled-out electronic score, it's yet another fine addition to Sony's roster of VR titles. We can even see it becoming a go-to with friends who just want to game and have a catch up. Yet while the core experience is fun enough, its lack of content and currently empty matchmaking experience leaves it feeling like an unfulfilled promise - especially if you're playing solo. We'd love to see an improvement to matchmaking and servers, but until then, C-Smash VRS will leave more of an impact on our battered walls than it will our memories.

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C-Smash VRS is an incredible multiplayer with the potential to become a staple of any PSVR 2 owner’s collection. The simple premise and excellent execution leads to intense matches that will keep you hooked. Whether you’re up against a friend or a complete stranger, the thrill never subsides. With a focus on multiplayer, the game needs to add more incentives and regular updates to build a community. However. the addictive online loop and replayable single-player options help to make C-Smash VRS an absolute hit!

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C-Smash VRS is an absolute must-buy game for anyone armed with a PS5 and PSVR2. It's a brilliant execution of a game that balances fun and challenge while taking full advantage of what makes VR special, and it absolutely shines brightest when playing one of its four VRS modes, even if for now it feels light on content.

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C-Smash VRS is a game that you will keep coming back to. You can play a level in singleplayer, engage in online matches against someone, and still have fun. However, it could have been a bit better. There should have been more singleplayer content. There should have been ranked play in multiplayer. There should have been more details that would enhance the content, experience, or convenience.

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C-SMASH VRS is a simple tennis-like game that would be way better if there was no lag and single player content with AI opponents.

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It plays really well, you almost feel that bat in your hand as the ball does what you want it to, and the intensity of the competition is as real as any squash court.

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