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Kingdom Eighties

Fury Studios, Raw Fury
Jun 26, 2023 - PC

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Critic Reviews for Kingdom Eighties

Despite its simplistic setup, Kingdom Eighties will hoover up hour after hour of your time. There's a captivating quality to its pure, focused strategy, and combined with its more narrative-driven focus Kingdom Eighties is a must-play game in 2023.

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Kingdom Eighties is a fantastic tribute to the 80s, offering satisfying base-building and plenty of nods to the movies of the time.

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Kingdom Eighties is a great title for those interested in the series and a worthy distraction for those waiting for the next big release! Its neon style and synthwave charm will get you hooked, and its fun mechanics and plot will keep you wanting more.

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Overall, I liked Kingdom: Eighties, but it doesn’t quite reach the heights of Kingdom: Two Crowns. Kingdom Eighties feels like an experimental entry that tries new things and mostly succeeds without diverging too far from the core formula. If you are new to the series, this is a great place to start and then if it sticks definitely pick up Two Crowns. If you’re a series fan and don’t mind the solo experience, this is another addictive entry to keep you busy for a few game nights. Probably the only reason not to jump on is if you are all about the co-op. While I respect its absence, I still wish it was included. Still, if you need a short Summer project, Kingdom: Eighties is not a bad way to deal with those warm evenings.

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The latest title in the Kingdom series, reconstructed in the retro vibe of the 80s. Visuals and musics resemble the scene from the 'Stranger Things' are quite attractive. Though it is a bit regrettable that the overall system is similar to the previous game, and the amount of content is a bit too short except for the addition of fellow NPCs.

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Kingdom Eighties is a fun blast from the past and maybe even a window into what life once was. The attention to detail on the world design combined with the music already add a lot of life to a scene that’s been mostly abandoned and it’s refreshing to see that pixel art still has a home in gaming. For now, we can only hope that other studios might do the same and take a break for something simple but fun.

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Use a Potion

Unknown Author
8 / 10.0
Use a Potion

Kingdom Eighties utilises the established base-building formula in a nostalgically fun manner, with the game oozing with that old-school 80s charm. The vibrant world looks wonderful, the quirky yet familiar narrative of ‘kids saving their town’ felt perfect, whilst the core gameplay loop is as addictive as ever – even IF it could get a little formulaic as you progress through the game. It’s not perfect and it’s disappointing there isn’t any co-op play, but there’s plenty here to keep fans engrossed as they build up their kingdom. As someone who STILL adores everything about the 80s to this day, I found myself thoroughly enjoying my time exploring Kingdom Eighties throwback adventure.

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Kingdom Eighties is beautifully repetitive and simple while still managing to be a lot of fun to play. While it might not look like it from afar, developer Fury Studios does a lot to ensure that the player never gets too comfortable inside this greedy new world. If the developer were to refine and improve on this concept, I could honestly see myself playing future titles like this, guiding my children to victory.

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