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Starbreeze Studios, Deep Silver, PLAION
Sep 21, 2023 - PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S

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Critic Reviews for PAYDAY 3

A shallow shooter that doesn't offer anywhere near enough bang for your ill-gotten buck.

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Not only can fans expect future Payday 3 updates to add more unlockables to the game, but more substantial content like new heists are in the pipeline as well. Future updates will likely iron out Payday 3's matchmaking problems and immersion-breaking graphical mishaps, resulting in a smoother and more consistently entertaining experience. With future updates, Payday 3 may even be a game that surpasses its predecessor, but it has a seriously long way to go. Those still curious should consider checking out Payday 3 through Xbox Game Pass instead of buying the game at full price.

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Payday 3's cooperative heists are off to a strong start, even if the vault is a bit bare at the moment.

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Payday 3 could be one of the slickest co-op shooters around, but it's mired by a grindy progression system and its always-online nature. It needs some time to cook before it's worth digging in.

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Despite leaning a little too heavily on fan-servicing familiarity, Payday 3 proves there's still fun to be squeezed from its well-honed heisting template yet.

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Metro GameCentral

5 / 10
Metro GameCentral

Despite having had a decade to come up with new ideas and heists this is a disappointingly hollow sequel that offers too few reasons for not just sticking with the last game.

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Payday 3's eight heists are as challenging as they are entertaining; the inevitable shootouts with the cops are frantic and fun, and the redefined objectives will make onboarding newer players easier than ever. At long last, Payday has become the Ocean's Eleven/Point Break hybrid its fans have always wanted it to be.

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Payday 3's drastically improved heists allow for a level of freedom that is betrayed by challenge-based progression.

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