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Jagged Alliance 3

Haemimont Games, THQ Nordic
Jul 14, 2023 - PC

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9 / 10
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Critic Reviews for Jagged Alliance 3

Jagged Alliance 3 is a flexible, challenging, approachable throwback turn-based tactics game in which the only thing that feels truly dated is the humor.

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There's a few bolts that could be tightened up here and there, but Jagged Alliance is back in business.

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I had my doubts about if Jagged Alliance 3 could really tap the joy I felt in commanding mercenaries back in Jagged Alliance 2. This is a series that predates most tactical strategy we know, but it’s had some bumps along the road. Jagged Alliance 3 can’t be counted among those bumps. It’s a proficient and beautiful return to form for this franchise with a wealth of options inside and outside combat. It’s also a tough game to overcome, but with all of the options at your disposal, finding your path through the breathtaking landscapes of Grand Chien should be an exciting and varied blast every time. I’ll have a hard time putting anything else in the strategy category above this when the year ends.

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The third chapter of this beloved series is very near the level of quality that one expects from the heir of Jagged Alliance 2. A shame that "very near" does not mean "on par", so some details and some unrealistic aspects of the game could ruin the experience.

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There's a lot to like in Jagged Alliance 3. The merc management system is solid, the gear works well, and combat can be very satisfying.

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After beating the story in Jagged Alliance 3, I still really wanted to play more. I want to try out every merc on the roster, and learn how to use each of their unique abilities. There are fights that I want to play again, this time with a new approach. Fans of turned based action will find Jagged Alliance 3 to be a genre-best game. But I’m probably going to play those gunfights with the volume turned way down. After all, I’m not in Grand Chien for the atmosphere and the company. I just want to find new ways to blow stuff up.

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Jagged Alliance 3 represents the comeback in a big way of turn-based combat strategy games, and it is so compelling that it may revive a genre lately dedicated only to a few hardcore fans. The reckless choice of not showing the probability of hitting turns out to be successful, as it makes each firefight unpredictable, forcing us to risk it all on several occasions. The only flaw in this excellent production is the artificial intelligence of the enemies, who sometimes spare us with no reason or seem prone to suicide. Anyway, it still remains a must have.

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Jagged Alliance 3 marks a long-awaited triumphant return for the franchise, with the last undeniably great release being Jagged Alliance 2 over twenty years ago. Creating an exceptional balance on both a strategic and tactical level, bringing back character attributes and progression, an entire inventory system, perks and more, forcing you to balance your broader economy and ensuring you can't just sit back - Haemimont Games have successfully created a game that will challenge, that I have found compelling and fun, and one that has kept me hooked into a "just one more day" loop and a few very late nights at that.

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