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Befun Studio, Spiral Up Games
Aug 17, 2023 - PC

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Critic Reviews for Affogato

Affogato manages to create a rich and flavorful blend of visual novel, tower defense, and social RPG. It may be lacking in side-activities, but what's there is special, and definitely worth digging into if you're looking for something new.

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Affogato combines a lot of interesting ideas, from Persona time management to coffee making, but there's a lack of things to do with your freetime.

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Affogato has a lot of great mechanics for exploration tied into its own coffee brew. There may be some difficulty spikes and a game that ties itself down after opening up, but overall it's a great time.

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In summary, Affogato manages to offer an experience that does not overstay its welcome, clocking in around 14 or so hours including many battle restarts.

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Affogato combines elements of visual novels, popular Japanese RPGs, and anime to create a compelling title. The beautifully drawn illustrations and superb Japanese voice cast make Affogato feel like a high-quality anime or visual novel production. Affogato's Persona-inspired life management systems also allow players to dive deeper into the game's colorful cast of characters as well.

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Affogato subverts the tower defense genre and combines it with elements of management and social interaction to create a unique adventure. Despite some mechanics being underused, the game is a tough, strategic, and fun adventure that is sure to please fans of the genre. Maybe it's not the best option for beginners, but it's worth recommending to anyone looking for a good strategy game.

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Affogato takes the much-loved Persona formula and runs with it, adding its own twists to the story and gameplay to be unique. The time management and character relationships are familiar gameplay elements, but the story and combat truly stand out. The story is relatable and not afraid to touch on serious topics, while combat hits the right balance of challenge and strategy. While there are some minor flaws, they don't pop up frequently and don't have a large impact on the experience overall. Just as cafes can turn familiar cups of coffee into unique creations, Affogato takes standard JRPG elements to make an amazing game you won't soon forget.

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There are definitely some rough edges in Affogato, like poor sprite work and the odd technical issue. But while those issues are noteworthy, they are far from being a significant drain on the game. Indeed, I found myself consistently enjoying the game, and while the issues do drag it down they don’t really hurt the game. This is a fun, inventive title with a lot of heart to it.

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