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Lies of P

Sep 19, 2023 - PlayStation 5, PC, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PlayStation 4

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5 / 10
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Lies of P - gamescom 2023 Trailer | How Many Lies?

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Lies of P - Demo Accolades Trailer

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Lies of P - Gameplay Showcase

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Critic Reviews for Lies of P

Co-op support like in other Soulslike games would have put Lies of P over the top, but even without it, the game will still greatly appeal to Soulslike fans. It has a lot going for it, and from a technical standpoint, it's basically perfect. It runs smooth as butter, looks fantastic, and has no glitches that we discovered. And while the writing can be clunky at times, the ending is legitimately wild and worth suffering through the worst bosses to reach. It's true that Lies of P gives in to some of the worst Soulslike instincts at times, but it can be extremely fun when the combat clicks. Just expect a significant time investment and a lot of frustration before that happens.

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Lies of P is a competent Soulslike if you can shrug off its flaws.

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Lies of P has strong enough foundations in its edgy tone and tweaked weapons to provide an enjoyable experience for those in need of a FromSoft fix.

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Lies of P might not branch out particularly far from its soulslike inspiration, but it plays the part extremely well.

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Metro GameCentral

5 / 10
Metro GameCentral

A competent facsimile of Bloodborne, but one so completely lacking in new ideas that it can only ever come across as a pale imitation.

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Lies of P might not rewrite the book, but it does an excellent job of making its own additions to a well-worn script.

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Lies of P's greatest strength is how it rewards and empowers you at every turn to venture further through this twisted tale of puppetry and monstrous humanity, despite its oppressive world and formidable enemies. I struggled to pull myself away from Lies of P, even when it had me fuming. It delicately balances the fun of a Soulslike with the challenge the genre demands and only falters a few times. That it maintains that balance within the confines of a fairytale most know best because of Disney, flipping it on its head to tell something more in line with Carlo Collodi's original The Adventures of Pinocchio, is another achievement of Lies of P. But above all that, Lies of P uses the familiar, the highlights, and the lessons learned from the authors of the Soulslike subgenre to create something unique, fascinating, and exhilarating. Neowiz aimed for the stars, much like the ones its Pinocchio wishes upon, and hits them with machine-like accuracy.

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