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Tenebris Pictura

Pentadimensional Games SL
Aug 31, 2023 - PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One

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Critic Reviews for Tenebris Pictura

Tenebris Pictura doesn't ever supplant itself as a game you feel you must see all the way through. The world and puzzles may intrigue you, but the combat made me continually want to walk away from the game.

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The particular setting of the game, inspired by the Victorian era and surrounded by a soundtrack so discreet that sometimes it seems to disappear, invites a lot to that slow and reflective way of seeing them coming that it proposes to us. The fact that you have to advance a lot to find the truly complicated challenges also tells us about the patience that such a title requires, but everything along the way is so balanced, so well studied and so satisfying when we finally find the right key, that the hours invested in it will not leave us with that mental exhaustion typical of other products of the same genre.

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Tenebris Pictura's creative puzzles and novel psychic abilities are held back by frequent design flaws and a lack of atmosphere. Fans of anything puzzly and occult will find plenty to enjoy here, but there are many more refined alternatives out there.

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In spite of various problems found within Tenebris Pictura, the game still leaves a fairly positive impression by the end. Some of it doesn't quite work, from its very downplayed narrative to its slightly-annoying combat, but it brings enough novel content to the table to be engaging. If you're into atmospheric adventure games with clever puzzles and unique ideas, you're likely to find something rewarding in Tenebris Pictura.

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Thumb Culture

Unknown Author
Thumb Culture

Having played a fair few games recently that looked like I would enjoy, but ended up as an epic fail, I was a little sceptical. My fears were quickly alleviated though as I entered a fantastically created world full of wonders and awe. Simplistic gameplay and challenging levels awaited and I had to be on top form to progress steadily. Tenebris Pictura takes all the flavours to create the perfect blend of modern gaming.

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Tenebris Pictura is a narrative adventure with puzzles and combat with a very successful setting. Its puzzles are very challenging and its combat, although sometimes unfair, can be very fun.

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Tenebris Pictura is part-puzzle game, part-beat-’em-up, and the two halves never come together in a way that’s remotely fun.

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