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Team Ugly, Graffiti Games
Sep 14, 2023 - PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
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9 / 10
5 / 5
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Ugly Nintendo Switch Reveal Trailer

Ugly Reveal Trailer thumbnail

Ugly Reveal Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Ugly

Ugly is a fun and interesting puzzle platformer that tells a dark story in an unconventional and engaging way. This tale of macabre memories shouldn’t take you too long to complete, and will challenge you with stimulating mirror-movement puzzles throughout. It is safe to say that Ugly more than lives up to 2023’s standard of excellent game releases.

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Ugly is an incredible game with its simplicity in mechanics and the indirect way Team Ugly shows you the story. While most puzzle games and platformers will usually focus on combat and tools needed to finish a level, Ugly focuses on keeping it simple as well as creating an experience that is not only polished but highly enjoyable. It is the perfect game for anyone searching for dark yet mysterious stories and puzzles.

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