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Devil's Third

Nintendo, Valhalla Game Studios
Dec 11, 2015 - Wii U

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Devil's Third - Launch Trailer (Wii U)

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Critic Reviews for Devil's Third

With weak combat, useless violence, and pay-to-win multiplayer, Devil's Third is not worth your time.

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No Recommendation / Blank

Devil's Third is caught between genres it never quite brings together, and despite fun multiplayer never gets over its shaky foundations.

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Outdated and clearly troubled, Devil's Third has escaped development hell only to burn out publicly.

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Staggeringly inept on almost every level, with crimes against game design, and good taste, that cannot be forgiven solely by the low budget.

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Something is wrong when the only fun a game offers is by giving you the opportunity to laugh at its ineptitude

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Devil's Third is entertaining in bursts, but its many frustrations far outweigh any of its positives.

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Confused, inconsistent and technically poor, Devil's Third has some inventive ideas for multiplayer, but it suffers form the same flaws as its dreary campaign.

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Itagaki previously claimed that Devil's Third would be a revolutionary shooter, but I can now safely declare that statement to be laughable at best and highly delusional at worst. Devil's Third fails to be even an adequate game on almost every count, from its performance, to its gameplay, to its story and characterization.

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