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Archetype Arcadia

Water Phoenix, PQube, KEMCO
Jan 24, 2022 - PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch
PSX Brasil
50 / 100
6.5 / 10
Nintendo Blast
7 / 10
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Archetype Arcadia | Announcement and Release Date Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Archetype Arcadia

There's a good game in Archetype Arcadia, but with its bloated playtime, its inconsistent art, and its unoriginal premise, what's left over shouldn't please most players.

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There’s a lot of compelling arguments, tons of bad endings to run into facefirst (almost gleefully) and a fairly decent hero/villain dynamic. And others may not be as pissed by the twist as I am, so that might even work out for you. I’ll keep going to find all the bad endings, as several do take some real work to uncover. But, once I’ve got everything set, I’m certain that my final logout from Archetype Arcadia will be permanent.

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Archetype Arcadia presents a curious world but doesn't escape the feeling of generic, artificial narrative. The result is worth it for those who love the genre and feel the premise is interesting, but it doesn't offer anything of highlight beyond that.

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