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Cookie Cutter

Subcult Joint LTD, Rogue Games, Inc.
Dec 14, 2023 - PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S

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Critic Reviews for Cookie Cutter

Despite some occasional frustrations, Cookie Cutter is a gory, gorgeous, and bloody good Metroidvania.

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They say never to judge a video game by its graphics but, when it comes to Cookie Cutter that is easy to do. The 2D visuals and animation in this game are simply outstanding. Perhaps, with some hefty patching, the rest of the game might one day match those gorgeous looks.

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Cookie Cutter isn't just another metroidvania. Like so many others, he manages to find his place with ideas and his own aesthetic, which does not "contain itself" and lets its gore and hyperviolent touch flow, with a cheeky and punk humor. Too bad some aspects need a little polishing, because it's fun and catchy.

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Despite some minor missteps, Cookie Cutter is easily one of the best Metroidvania games of this year, and an absolute must-play.

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Cookie Cutter is a good Metroidvania, elevated by some pretty stellar graphics. Don't expect to walk through this one - the game raises the difficulty in response to your character powering up. A lot of value here for the asking price.

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A fairly classic Metroidvania in its gameplay formula, but artistically above average and embellished with a cast that wouldn't look out of place in an Anime. Some balance issues don't stop it from being a highly enjoyable title and telling a meaningful story that deserves to be listened to.

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Cookie Cutter is a bloody blast! Its punk rock attitude seeps through to help the game stand out amongst the crowd. Platforming and combat are tight which makes the moment-to-moment gameplay feel great. There’s an overuse of certain gameplay segments and reliance on conventions, however, the rebel spirit pierces through to make this an essential title for fans of Metroidvanias.

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Cookie Cutter is hyper-violent translation of old-school Metroidvanias that gracefully does not allow itself to get bogged down with convoluted modern flourishes. Exploration tools drop the player into a satisfying progression loop that doesn’t rely on random elements and combat is not overtly punishing. But it’s Cookie Cutter‘s unique visual palette and uncompromising absurdity that truly leave a bloody impression before ever allowing itself to grow stale.

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