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Chris Johnson
Sep 30, 2015 - PlayStation 4, PC, PlayStation 5

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Critic Reviews for Expand


8 / 10.0

Expand is a triumph of visual design and scoring that also boasts some clever design ideas.

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A unique game that's visually distinctive and at times quite beautiful, but it suffers from a little unevenness in some levels which distract from the meditative experience it has been pitched as.

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Please, do not let its screenshots deter you - Expand is an expertly crafted game that demands to be played.

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Expand is a great puzzle game. Navigating your square through monochromatic mazes offers a wonderfully relaxing experience that somehow manages to be calming and wrought with tension throughout. While it's a relatively short title, its low price point and high fun factor make it a worthwhile venture. Sure, it may not have been a runaway success on its initial release, but we can only hope this title finds its audience this time around.

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When I wasn't cursing at my television screen upon dying on the same puzzle for what seemed like 20th time, I was recognizing how brilliant Expand‘s design was. It's rare to see a game this fully realized, one that sees all of its mechanics fully fleshed out, and when I finally escaped the maze after hours of play, it felt like a genuine victory. Expand may take joy in frustrating the player at times, but the true feeling of jubilation comes from overcoming its trickery.

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Expand is a great puzzle game in PlayStation 4 that I definitely recommend you play. The game might be short, since it can be completed in around 2 hours or so, but for me, it's actually the perfect length since it presents a gameplay mechanic, allows you to enjoy it, and then ends before it overstays its welcome. If you're a fan of minimalist puzzle games, then you definitely need to play this one!

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While it's hard to find anything overtly enjoyable in the experience, Expand never feels like a complete waste of time. It's a tough game to explain on many levels. It's more of a platformer than anything else, or perhaps a puzzle game. It's not horrible, and it's not amazing.

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Despite falling on the shorter side of indie titles, Expand manages to stand out as a fascinating take on puzzles and mazes. By relying on a mix of patient gameplay and non-stop movement, each puzzle requires as much thought as it does technical skill. Not every puzzle is a hit, with a few standing out as little more than frustrating, but the majority of the experience is very well done thanks in large part to the colour scheme and soundtrack.

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