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The Sun and the Moon

Primal Game Studio
Nov 14, 2015 - Xbox One, PC, Xbox Series X/S

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Critic Reviews for The Sun and the Moon

To brand the game as a failure would be unjust, however. Although far from being essential, it's easy to see why The Sun and Moon cleaned up at Ludum Dare 29. It's just a shame that the end result lacks the substance and feature set needed to embrace a larger, more diverse audience.

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The Sun and Moon has great mechanics and very creative level design, but the game is hamstrung by a brutal difficulty curve. When the game is so difficult you need to stop playing, it better have something else to back it up like a story; The Sun and Moon doesn't have that.

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If there's one trend I've found myself loving from the modern surge of indie titles, it's a well-executed minimalism. With simple graphics, clever yet natural controls, and a unique mechanic for a classic genre, The Sun and Moon is a title that shines.

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Daniel Linssen's The Sun and Moon is a fleshed out version of a really genius idea. While it never strives to become more than just a difficult platformer, it manages to hit all of its marks. If you're looking for something more unique than your average game, then pick it up!

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The Sun and Moon is a neat platformer with some good ideas. It's not free from flaws but still a title that fans of the genre should consider

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Poor art direction and music stop The Sun and Moon from being a great puzzle game.

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Multiple times the game offers you situations that feel almost impossible, until reaching that 'ah-ha!' moment where everything just clicks. It's these moments that every puzzle game strives for, and The Sun and Moon expertly crafts many of them

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The Sun and Moon is a perfect example of a very competently made game that lacks heart. There are some good ideas here and the platforming can be enjoyable in short spurts, but it is missing something to tie it all together. An occasional clever twist, or inspired level, simply isn't enough to carry the game through to the end, and everything starts to blend together after a while. The difference between The Sun and Moon and truly great puzzle platformers is the same as a meal cooked by a professional chef and one warmed up in the microwave. A little more time spent building up this experience could have made it truly remarkable, but instead it is just yet another puzzle platformer in a genre saturated by them.

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