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Pillar of Eternity: The White March - Part 1

Obsidian Entertainment
Aug 25, 2015 - PC

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PC Gamer
70 / 100
6.8 / 10
6 / 10
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7 / 10
Gaming Nexus
8.8 / 10
7.9 / 10
7.5 / 10
The Digital Fix
7 / 10
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Pillars of Eternity: The White March - Part I - Release Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Pillar of Eternity: The White March - Part 1

More of the same, but with an increased focus on combat and dungeons. If that appeals, The White March may be worth a visit.

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6.8 / 10.0
Leif Johnson

The White March Part I provides some incentive to return to the Dyrwood in the form of a higher level cap, and the delightfully brutal combat, but few of the other new features leave a lasting impression. Despite an avalanche of possibilities provided by the wintry setting and the two ostensibly unique companions, the first half of The White March never feels like more than a side quest that was never implemented. There's still plenty on offer here for players who enjoy Pillars' combat above all else, but it's an expansion best suited to new players rather than veterans.

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It's easy to sell the first installment of The White March short when comparing it to the main game, because it just feels like more of the same. While that isn't a deal breaker, as the adventures here would have fit almost seamlessly into Pillars of Eternity proper, this first expansion is a little too predictable and a little too rough around the edges.

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The White March is an expansion of gorgeous new landscapes, new companions, and new challenges. It should push players out of their combat comfort zones, and is a fine excuse for some familiar PoE questing, but doesn't yet feel essential.

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The White March - Part 1 is a great first expansion for Pillars of Eternity fans that have been in need of new content. A lengthy main quest, varied side tasks, and an enthralling narrative combine to make a worthwhile expansion for veteran players. The White March is best recommended for those players with a high-leveled party of adventurers ready to embark on a challenging quest to enter the Dwarven forge of Durgan's Battery.

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Truth be told, I enjoyed my time with The White March - Part One. It was a great reason to jump back in, and while it's not as grand as some of the RPG expansions we've had for other games in this genre (see Baldur's Gate: Throne of Bhaal), it was still a good experience, and one that works almost seamlessly into a new player's playthrough of the main game.

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Fortunately, a couple of interesting new faces to add to your party, some great loot, and a few truly brutal combat challenges are enough to make The White March Part One worth your while. It's not essential, and not close to the best that Obsidian is capable of, but it's another perfectly enjoyable few hours of looting and adventuring.

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An engaging diversion for newcomers, but Pillars veterans will lament the lack of tangible story.

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