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Versus Evil, Skyshine Games
Sep 17, 2015 - PlayStation 4, PC, PlayStation 5

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Critic Reviews for Bedlam

I'd struggle to recommend Skyshine's Bedlam. It does have some interesting ideas and it's a fantastic setting to play around in, but fundamentally, there's a mix of ideas here that just doesn't quite work. I like that it's a difficult game, but it needs to be a fair one as well.

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A punishing take on the Rogue-inspired genre, Bedlam is weird and colorful and stressful.

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Shallow strategy and the lack of meaningful progression overshadow moments of amusement in this post-apocalyptic roguelike.

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Skyshine's Bedlam is a tough but rewarding trip through a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

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Overall, if you're in to punishing yourself with some turn based violence, than Skyshine's Bedlam is for you. It's not exactly polished and it still needs a little work, but it's definitely a worthwhile game.

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Whether you love fretting over turn-based shoot-outs or watching people become mutant food, Skyshine's Bedlam is an apocalypse of considerable intrigue and polish.

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In all, Bedlam is like a love letter to gaming's history, and a relatively well-written one. By staying true to the idea of the game in which Quinn/Athena is trapped, it keeps itself well-centered. The variety to the levels keeps things interesting, and there's even a deathmatch scenario early on that's almost exactly like playing a game of Unreal Tournament with low gravity.

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Skyshine's Bedlam is a competent game with a lot of surface polish, but somewhat unsatisfying gameplay. While it hits all the right notes for sci-lovers in terms of aesthetic and tone, it fails to satisfy for long with inexplicable mechanics that seem difficult for the sake of difficulty and a lack of opportunities to form an emotional investment.

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