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Satellite Reign

5 Lives Studios
Aug 27, 2015 - PC

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Critic Reviews for Satellite Reign

Satisfyingly freeform missions and rich systems to play with, set in one of the prettiest cyberpunk cities on PC.

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No Recommendation / Blank

A stylish and attractive neo-noir tactical game, Satellite Reign sadly ends up being frustratingly inconsistent.

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Satellite Reign allows you to create the cyberpunk team of your fantasy, but the game's broken pathfinding and enemy AI are too easy to exploit.

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It's a smarter, more expressive take on the old Syndicate formula.

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Through its wonderfully dynamic gameplay which mixes methodical forward-planning with glorious, chaotic scrambles out of dodge, Satellite Reign has taught me that being a perfectionist is actually dull—the real fun begins when you make a mistake.

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Despite the gorgeously rendered city visuals and a goodly amount of text to be found by digging through random data terminals, Satellite Reign's city feel less like a world than a cyberpunk-themed playset. You direct your little squad of action figures around and play as you like, but rarely feel lost or immersed in the setting.

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All taken together, getting through Satellite Reign can be a painful and slow process until you can amass enough tech, skill and firepower to repel waves of soldiers. It wants to be a game that gives you different choices, but the stealth gameplay wears thin so quickly that the game just gets boring.

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Satellite Reign is an incredible successor to Syndicate that gets more right than not. Where it falls down on bugs and control issues, it shines brightly in aesthetics and fantastic combat mechanics.

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