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Developer Digital, Tendershoot
Sep 10, 2015 - PC

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Dropsy - Launch Trailer [Sing-A-Long Edition]

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Critic Reviews for Dropsy

An excellent stab at a traditional point-and-click, but with classic problems holding it back.

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Dropsy is a genuine and somber adventure about a creepy clown that exceeds its quirky premise in the most meaningful way.

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Though the premise of an adventure game about a lovable clown is not enough to win me over on the surface, it's the complex tale of a cynical and unforgiving world the player is expected to change through loving and non-violent interaction that ultimately seals the deal. Adding in the wonderful presentation and dynamic soundtrack, this becomes an adventure game that should not be missed. It is a must.

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This levity, this world, and these people are going to be with me forever. If you've ever complained about there being too much violence in gaming, or that games are all the same, and you don't play this... I hope somebody hugs you.

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Dropsy manages to subvert your expectations, and has managed to create a main character you can feel for, even though he doesn't speak. Dropsy just wants to make people happy in a world that is filled with problems, and by helping them he can achieve his goal. There are some design issues though that count against the game, and some may find the pixel art graphics unappealing, but as an overall experience Dropsy is something that point and click adventure fans should play.

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If you miss the old days, before games of this ilk got streamlined and simplified, give this a whirl before you read too much about it. It's well worth the small outlay.

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Dropsy is a game that warmed my hardened, cynical heart. Like the titular clown himself, the game smashes an amiable joviality together with an unabashed dementia. Making people happy is such a rare goal in games, and to have one excel at the notion and the motivation for doing so is a doubly rare joy, although glaring missteps do keep it out of the center ring of adventure games.

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Dropsy is somewhat strange, utterly beautiful, and pretty good point and click adventure game. Focusing more on visual cues for what the characters desire, it's a game that leaves some of the story up to your interpretation.

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