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Full Mojo Rampage

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May 8, 2014 - PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5

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Full Mojo Rampage - Launch Trailer (Official)

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Critic Reviews for Full Mojo Rampage

Full Mojo Rampage is challenging, but entertaining. It might have some stiff competition in the form of similar games like Binding of Isaac, Enter the Gungeon, and Crypt of the Necrodancer, but its voodoo theme, four-player co-op, and twin stick chops help give it its own identity. Ultimately, it's a fun game that might occasionally be frustrating, but it looks good, sounds great, and plays well.

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Full Mojo Rampage is simply an average game that could have been a lot better. There are a few good ideas here, but they aren't fully realised, leading to a game that becomes tedious after a few runs of its quests. The grinding to level up is a bit too far on the long side too, tipping the balance from enjoyable to boredom as well. The game is available for a bargain price though, so if you fancy something a bit different then Full Mojo Rampage may be for you.

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At times Full Mojo Rampage gets its wires a little crossed, and some of the roguelike elements can feel a little forced when they're not really necessary, but it's still a fun little blaster with a wonderful atmosphere and stacks of personality. It might be trying to elbow its way into a very crowded genre, but it has just enough pluck to earn its place.

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Full Mojo Rampage is a solid game with bullet points I usually find off putting. The game play loop is solid, and the controls are tight. Playing with friends is also a blast, whether we were working together or against one another. There are a lot of titles that boast what Rampage does, but few have done it with the execution found here. Even if these words scare you, like they scare me, this game is still worth checking out.

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Full Mojo Rampage is a passable and challenging roguelike that, sadly, doesn't repeat the successes of the genre's best and brightest. While its premise is interesting and presented neatly, the gameplay isn't quite as engaging as it could be, and its difficulty may put people off long before the final stages. The online multiplayer is a nice idea, but is sadly a ghost town, and there is little else to get excited about. Roguelike fans may still find some value here, but for the majority, the magic will quickly wear off.

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The game just bleeds style it carries through nearly every facet of the experience.

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All told, Full Mojo Rampage offers a lighthearted yet challenging experience. The rich environments, fantastic customization options, and decision-focused strategic approach make it a great game to pop into for a bit by yourself or to enjoy with friends, be it on the couch or over the internet.

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Perfectly average in every way, Full Mojo Rampage is a fully functional roguelike with few standout qualities. It works and I have no major qualms with the game, but its only new features are online modes that are already a ghost town.

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