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Corpse of Discovery

Phosphor Games Studio
Aug 25, 2015 - PC

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"Greetings, Major" - Corpse of Discovery Launch Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Corpse of Discovery

At around three hours, it's hard to recommend Corpse of Discovery to starved sci-fi fans, let alone the general public, and especially at full price. With some optimization patches it would be at least worth a play through for sci-fi fans, but as it stands I'd let this one get lost in space.

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This title had some serious potential – what doesn't sound intriguing about surviving on and exploring alien planets due to a corporate space exploration bungle, piecing together the mystery as to what happened and how to return to Earth along the way? Instead, Corpse of Discovery plays like an interactive novella that examines the subjects of family, duty, personal sacrifice and isolation, but falls short on delivering any true sense of survival or danger.

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Corpse of Discovery could've been a worthwhile narrative experience had it not been ruined by its massive performance issues and obnoxious platforming gameplay.

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An amazing looking "walking simulator" that has a few graphical hiccups, but overall left me with feelings of enjoyment.

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Corpse of Discovery had promise, but a not-so-great execution. It could use a good coating of polish.

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Despite all its oddness though, Corpse of Discovery remains a compelling, if flawed, indie adventure game. It's a "walking sim" with gameplay, an FPS with no shooting, and almost a horror game without blood and gore.

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Corpse of Discovery, while having a great premise and a strong soundtrack is hard to recommend to the modern gamer.

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A thought provoking homage to classic science fiction on procedurally generated worlds that is frustrating, pleasing and enjoyable all at once.

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