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Cross of the Dutchman

Triangle Studios
Sep 10, 2015 - PC

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Critic Reviews for Cross of the Dutchman

I like the idea that I can play as a pissed off farmer who just wants to save his family and his town, I just can't fully commit to the idea when I feel as if I'm flailing my arms around like two giant fish attached to a WeebleWobble.

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While Cross of the Dutchman doesn't offer much innovation in terms of gameplay, Triangle Studios still manages to infuse a great deal of originality and heart into their small but feisty game which, while short, is packed with life.

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Cross of the Dutchman is a short game, it does have a bit of padding in there, but the unusual setting and story behind it, with a reasonably entertaining combat system make it worth trying out. Cheap, cheerful and entertaining - it's worth at least having a look at it.

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The cartoony appearance might throw you off, but there's no shortage of violence in this retelling of a folk legend's homegrown rebellion.

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Cross of the Dutchman's "based on a true story" narrative is neither accurate, nor are its battles a substitute for action RPGs like Diablo. I would rather read Pier's Wikipedia entry again, which offered greater entertainment at zero cost.

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For all of the faults that can be pointed out, there is a great game here. The combat starts flawed, but becomes rewarding. The stealth sections were annoying, but contrasts well with the combat and highlights it more. The story isn't handled in the best way, but leaves the player wanting more.

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Cross of the Dutchman holds true lore-wise, explaining the tale of Pier Gerlofs Donia, but as a video game, the hero falls flat on his face with crippled combat mechanics, bland gameplay progression, poor animation, and an overall lack of content and excitement. It needed a tremendous amount of extra work and polish. If this game was a sword, it would be a blacksmith's worst nightmare, or a laughingstock of poor craftsmanship. Ultimately, some stories are just better told in books.

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Cross of the Dutchman is a fun history lesson that not only attracts through its source material and the alluring visuals but also through the simple yet entertaining combat. You'll have fun learning about the story of Pier Dosia while rampaging through Saxon soldiers in medieval Frisia.

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