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Sep 28, 2015 - PC

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STAIRS - Horror Teaser Trailer #StartTheDescent thumbnail

STAIRS - Horror Teaser Trailer #StartTheDescent

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Critic Reviews for Stairs

STAIRS is filled with some really awesome moments and ideas, it just doesn't end well and is rather short. If you can look past those issues though, you're going to have a scary time.

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There are bugs, and the story's kinda weird, but the atmosphere is so perfect, you'll forgive it.

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Stairs is an odd beast then. A veritable love-letter to psychological horror, it's clear that the developer commands an impressive grasp of the visceral nature of the genre. Frequently terrifying and constantly unsettling, Stairs excellent atmospherics serve not only to deftly stimulate the senses with aplomb, but unfortunately also highlight that the game upon which these expertly fashioned frights exist doesn't boast a similarly formidable calibre.

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Game Debate

7 / 10.0
Game Debate

Lastly, a quick not about performance. I ran Stairs on a GTX 980 with an FX-8350 and 8GB memory and it seemed to blitz it. RAM usage was quite heavy but in terms of GPU and CPU, it ran fantastically without any drops. Those with high-end monitors might be disappointed to know Stairs is capped at 60fps even with Vsycn disabled, but it's not the sort of game to capitalise on blistering performance.

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STAIRS is a fantastically terrifying game; you're constantly put on the edge by some perfectly framed shots and some great sound effects that'll constantly have you looking over your shoulder. There are some nerve racking stealthy like sections but they feel just a little tedious, and while the individual stories are enjoyable they don't seem to tie up neatly. Still you do get some decent puzzles to solve, some interesting gameplay mechanics and of course some great scares. This is a must play for any fans of horror out there.

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"Although it does have its fair share of nerve wrecking moments, Stairs focus on exploration and puzzles will entertain most players".

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