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Ninja Pizza Girl

Disparity Games
Sep 30, 2015 - Wii U, PC

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Critic Reviews for Ninja Pizza Girl

Ninja Pizza Girl showed a lot of promise. The gameplay was solid enough, a lot of the music choices were great, and there were funny and quirky ideas. Unfortunately, the game frustrated me in several other areas. While the game had many rough edges, I still saw charm and effort put forth by Disparity Games.

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Like yesterday's pizza that just doesn't taste the same when heated up in the microwave, Ninja Pizza Girl is a decent game that doesn't excel in any area. The story has a nice sentiment but is loaded with cheese, while the physics and controls occasionally make you slip off platforms in tense moments. On the ninja front, the graphics and enemy placements can cause you to bump into obstacles and kill your flow, while the collectibles feel out of place.You could certainly do a lot worse than Ninja Pizza Girl, and we can't call it a bad game. For its launch price, however, it's just too bland to recommend. You might want to give it a try if you're hankering for a fast-paced platformer, but there are better deliveries elsewhere on the eShop.

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Ninja Pizza Girl is an interesting blend of platforming, parkour and awareness towards bullying that brings some interesting gameplay mechanics but seems to forget some of its message that ends up being somehow set aside. While the visual environment and soundtrack feel disappointing, not to mention the lack of variety of the levels, this is still an interesting, welcome and fun game.

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Ninja Pizza Girl is an effective exploration of bullying and self-esteem told through gameplay mechanics that are simple enough for a wide audience, but that can offer some challenge to platforming fans as well.

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Ninja Pizza Girl will tug on your emotions as it delivers a strong powerful message about adversity and positivity. It may be a simple and short game but it will leave you wanting to replay each level to see if you can beat your existing times, grab more collectables and find alternative paths to finish each level. Sounds good? Give it a go!

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There's so much to like about Ninja Pizza Girl. We so rarely get to see glimpses into the team behind a game nowadays, but Ninja Pizza Girl just exudes vibrancy from all its edges that it's impossible not to be charmed by the wonderful people at Disparity Games. This is a team which can't get through thirty seconds of commentary without bursting into laughter, and it's very refreshing to see their upbeat approach to game design.

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8 / 10

The one thing I loved about the game the most is the way it tries to address bullying. Bullying comes in all forms, be it physical, verbal or mental – online bullying is a very bad thing as well. I liked what the team tried to achieve, and I hope the game helps in some small way. Even if the game just reaches one child and changes his/her life, then it will be a job well done. What did you think of my Ninja Pizza Girl review? Let me know in the comments below!

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What's truly unique about Ninja Pizza Girl is its emphasis on conveying an anti-bullying message

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