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Oct 28, 2014 - PlayStation 4, PC, PlayStation 5

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BlazeRush Official Teaser (PS4)

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Critic Reviews for BlazeRush

That said BlazeRush is easily recommendable as one of the experiences to show off your fancy new toy if you get a Rift. It certainly has that initial "wow factor" even though it isn't the kind of game that comes to mind when most people think virtual reality. It just isn't an experience I can recommend for gameplay as it leaves much to be desired; such as people to play with online, as there were none.

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BlazeRush is recommended for anyone who grew up loving isometric action racers.

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A little bit of Death Track, a touch of Wacky Wheels/Mario Kart and a lot of fun!

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BlazeRush is a really fun isometric arcade racing experience that manages to deliver explosive action, imaginative weapons, and balanced speed boosts to create an addictive flow. Sure, its visuals aren't that great and there are a few quirks when going online, but it's still quite good. Play Video

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It may not be the second coming of the isometric racer, but BlazeRush is fun nonetheless. The core combat and racing systems are pretty easy to pick up and master, and the physics system is a nice addition. The weapons and power-ups are quite good, and the length of the campaign means that the game has a good bit of life to it, which is essential since the online multiplayer is dead. If you don't mind going solo or have a bunch of friends who want to play locally and don't mind the quirky camera, then this is worth a shot.

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BlazeRush is a solid, top-down fast-paced car combat racing title that succeeds in delivering an accessible and fun thrill ride to its audience. The only shortcoming is the lack of a substantial player base - an unfortunately self-replicating predicament. With versions on PlayStation 3 and PC, it may be that the PlayStation 4 version is simply the lesser experience. Then again, there is always the local multiplayer. Now, to make at least three real life friends… Hmm.

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BlazeRush is a must-buy for anyone who loves old-school racers.

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