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Dark Cloud

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General Information

Available on:PlayStation 4Dec 5, 2015
PlayStation 5Nov 12, 2020

Publisher: Sony

Genre: Adventure

Two great continents, one an advanced civilization driven by progress and technology the other, where nature is the center of all existence and everyone lives harmoniously side by side. Two cultures that have never had contact with each other…until now. An ancient evil has been unleashed. Journey on a quest through time to unravel the mysterious tale of the Dark Cloud. Innovative new gameplay, GEORAMA. Build it—build a customized world. Play it—interact with the world in real-time. Live it—build the worlds and unveil clues and pieces of the storyline.

Dark Cloud Critic Reviews

If you haven't played Dark Cloud yet, now is a perfect time to jump in. Sure, you'll encounter some relics of old school design, but if you're willing to overlook a few antiquated concepts and really dive in, you'll find a rich RPG that will last you as long as you're willing to put into it.

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Sony worked with the developers of Dark Cloud to create and code a trophy list for playing on the PS4. It took two to three months to put in trophies, but it won't take nearly that long to earn the Platinum for Dark Cloud. You'll need to complete the game and clean up a few trophies that ensure you'll get the complete Dark Cloud experience, but nothing too difficult like collecting maxed out ultimate weapons is required.

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Does Dark Cloud hold up and withstand the test of time? Yes, it does - quite well in fact. The problem is that, even at its launch, while it was fun from an objective viewpoint, it had some problems. In no way is it bad, though, as, quite clearly, everything is made competently and enjoyable. Just that its age lines are quite clear and the rising standards of the industry will make this title an interesting throwback worth playing, but perfectly fine to ignore as well.

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PlayStation Experience 2015: Dark Cloud - Gameplay Video 1 | PS2 on PS4 thumbnail

PlayStation Experience 2015: Dark Cloud - Gameplay Video 1 | PS2 on PS4

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