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Aviary Attorney

Sketchy Logic
Dec 21, 2015 - PC

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78 / 100
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73 / 100
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Critic Reviews for Aviary Attorney

More rich quail rather than plump-breasted pheasant, but still a rare and satisfying bird.

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Stunningly presented and very well written, Aviary Attorney is a light hearted court drama with great panache and terrible puns.

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Aviary Attorney might look like nothing more than a silly riff on Ace Attorney, but thankfully, there's a lot more to it than that. The era-appropriate illustrations and music set the perfect atmosphere, while the short cases with multiple endings provide a great incentive to jump back in and shoot for happier resolutions. Aviary Attorney doesn't quite hit the heights of Capcom's own series, but it's still a fine way to kill an afternoon.

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Aviary Attorney may not make any new fans in the legal investigation genre, but those who already like that sort of game should be well pleased with Sketchy Logic's debut.

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Despite a buggy and somewhat incomplete experience, Aviary Attorney is a unique game that boasts the funniest script seen for quite some time.

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Despite the holidays, Sketchy Logic put out one patch incredibly quickly, but it's safe to say my experience playing Aviary Attorney simply didn't set my heart aflutter. Instead, it might just have broken it.

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Aviary Attorney could've quite easily been a birdbrained game built solely to ruffled some of Capcom's feathers.

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Kill Screen

Killbert the Kill Screen Fun Frog
73 / 100
Kill Screen

To criticize Aviary Attorney, the more literal Phoenix Wright, means to launch off a criticism of Ace Attorney, as this game manages to weave around those trappings while stumbling into newer, comparable ones.

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