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Activision, Bungie
Sep 8, 2014 - PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5

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Destiny Review Summary

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Destiny has solid gameplay behind it. However, it's constant grind, technical issues and lack of story all have led critics to agree it's fun, but overall not too impressive

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Critic Reviews for Destiny

But in the white heat of the Strike playlists - or in Heroic mission runs with a friend, or in the unheralded arrival of a public event whilst tooling around in Patrol - Destiny blazes a clear trail through the middle of the desolate no man's land that, for years now, has segregated the bombastic emptiness of shooter campaigns from the frenetic slaughter of multiplayer. And it does so with a poise and depth that its few peers - games like the charming but scrappy Borderlands and Far Cry - cannot match; a poise and depth that will keep people playing it for years.

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Destiny looks and plays wonderfully, but too many of the other promises it makes get left unfulfilled.

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It's not short of spectacle but in terms of innovation and variety this is nowhere near as forward-thinking as Bungie would like to pretend.

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Vast, beautiful, and endlessly satisfying, Destiny is like a gradually-opening puzzle box of ever-more involving FPS depth. What's already there can be explored for tens of hours. What's to come is an incredibly exciting prospect.

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Even with several missed opportunities, Destiny is enormously fun, and only gets more engaging as you play

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Destiny's essentials are there, and they're great--but the game surrounding them is cold and shallow.

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As just another game, Destiny is a confusing combination of often at-odds elements — it presents itself as ambitious, almost boastful, while seeming strangely safe and reserved. It wants to eat its cake as a shooter, and have the longevity of an MMO — but it lacks the combat sophistication of the former, and the deep well of content native to the latter.

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Destiny is a beautiful but hollow experience with most of the pieces you'd expect from a great multiplayer shooter. It just can't find a way to fit them all together.

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