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Mario & Luigi Paper Jam

AlphaDream, Nintendo
Jan 22, 2016 - Nintendo 3DS

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Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam - Just the Fax Trailer

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Critic Reviews for Mario & Luigi Paper Jam


No Recommendation / Blank

Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Bros is wholesome, warm, but occasionally wearisome.

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If you've never played a Mario & Luigi game, this is the perfect on-boarding point. It's got a hilarious script, near-flawless battling, and bucketfuls of charm.

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There's a disappointing lack of invention in the paper thin story and characters, but the combat and witty dialogue is as good as the series has ever been.

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Mario & Luigi continues to have the best sense of humor of Nintendo's assorted franchises, and a quicker pace in the tutorial and storytelling departments make this one of the best entries yet

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Paper Jam's cute and punchy moments are offset by its frustrating repetition

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AlphaDream hits the mark again in terms of combat and dialogue, even if some new additions fall flat.

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By shoving the story aside and doubling down on its great battle system, Paper Jam smartly emphasizes what the series does best. Some of the padding can be a little annoying, but the way paper-thin characters add new angles to enemy encounters makes this crossover more than just a simple gimmick.

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Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam is an odd game, a semi-successful title that achieves a lot of success in its different elements but fails to come together as a cohesive title. Where gameplay is good, it's got subtle strengths and intense engagement. Where it's bad it borders on game-breaking design, likesome of those Toad-capturing sections, and RPG-lite mediocrity. Hopefully, the game is representative of growing pains for the series.

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