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Available on:Xbox OneMar 4, 2016
PCSep 5, 2014
Xbox Series X/SNov 10, 2020

Developer: Elefantopia

Genre: Strategy

A super frantic Arcade Tower Defense, McDROID starts gently then progressively challenges your trigger finger and your wits (and your sanity) as you multitask like a robotic-spider-doggy-thing: running, shooting, building base, herding, healing, harvesting, repairing, planting, upgrading, researching, frying giant snail-hammer-thing with a giant-tesla-on-your-back (it actually happens). Defend your shuttle against a variety of alien species as they mutate, corrupt the ground or even turn your crops against you. Load up on, play solo campaign or join in up to 3 people in survival arenas and take the battle to the enemy. If it gets too crazy, turtle up behind your defensive perimeter and assume direct control of the turrets. Crash landing on their home planet, McDROID the robot and her brother Shuttle find everything too quiet, their sentient Planet is now mute, lobotomized by something evil. As they venture on a quest to heal her hearts, they encounter various strange critters and must use creative strategies.

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McDroid is a game with plenty of charisma and sweet ideas. It takes a tired genre and throws it together with elements from elsewhere to create an engaging and charming hybrid. It's aesthetically excellent, with some provocative ideas, but technical problems in larger sections of the game hamper the overall experience. Difficulty spikes and repeated levels also let the game down and prevent if from being truly memorable, but underneath the issues lies an interesting game which provides quite a rush.

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McDroid gives little clue as to what is going on when you first load it up. The first hour fails to impressand players may wonder if it is worth continuing onwards. After overcoming that hurdle, there was enjoyment to be found in the game. The mixture of resources and weapons can create exciting scenarios as rockets and lasers fly across the screen, but there is still a large element of strategy in what you're doing. The game leans more towards those who are a fan of the genre and others won't feel the need to play past the story, but it still does a serviceable job at trying to cater to a wider audience. The cel shading gives the game a more unique feel alongside the very strange but amusing story and dialogue, but glitches have been found of which people will need to be careful. For its price, McDroid has a decent amount of content and won't set you back much, but if you decide to pass on it, you won't have missed too much.

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If you’re willing to put up with the difficulty, you will find some stuff to really like about McDROID. It has a fantastic art style, and the planet is always interesting to look at.

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As fun and quirky as its narrative may be, McDroid's attempt at changing up the tower defence genre makes for a frustrating experience. Its mechanics render gameplay a micro-managing nightmare that is repetitive and lacklustre.

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