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Fallout 4: Wasteland Workshop

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Based on 11 critic reviews
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Available on:PlayStation 4Apr 12, 2016
Xbox OneApr 12, 2016
PCApr 12, 2016

Developer: Bethesda Game Studios

Publisher: Bethesda Softworks

Genres: RPG, First-Person Shooter

With the Wasteland Workshop, design and set cages to capture live creatures – from raiders to Deathclaws! Tame them or have them face off in battle, even against your fellow settlers. The Wasteland Workshop also includes a suite of new design options for your settlements like nixie tube lighting, letter kits, taxidermy and more!

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Fallout 4 – Wasteland Workshop Official Trailer

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5.5 / 10.0

Wasteland Workshop adds some neat new cosmetic window dressing to Fallout’s settlement-building systems, but the piecemeal additions didn't include enough new gameplay applications to hold my interest. The traps and creature-capture mechanics are briefly enjoyable but not fully fleshed out, which quickly makes them deteriorate into disappointments.

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4 / 10.0

As a product for humans though, I can't see Wasteland Workshop as anything but a bad buy. A cynical ploy to pad out the “value” of the Season Pass and maybe milk a few weirdos like me who just can't resist neon lights. If you have the Season Pass, I guess you might get some use out of this. If you were waiting to see if you wanted this al a carte, you would be better off going with Automatron. At least the robots haven't turned on me... yet.

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God is a Geek

7 / 10.0
Mick Fraser

Wasteland Workshop is a nice little addition to Fallout 4, even though it only really amounts to a bunch of cosmetic stuff for the build menu and a customarily buggy, yet hilariously entertaining, DIY arena.

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Rock, Paper, Shotgun

Rock, Paper, Shotgun

Fallout 4’s second slice of DLC is under a fiver, yet still somehow feels overpriced. Granted, there’s a good idea hiding in there somewhere – capturing wild creatures for defense or spectator sport purposes is a genuinely interesting concept, particularly against the end of the world scenario – but Wasteland Workshop fails to execute it with the finesse needed to see it through. As such, it instead feels like a paid, and therefore largely underwhelming, mod.

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