Ace of Seafood

Apr 8, 2016 - PlayStation 4, PC, PlayStation 5
Weak Man

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6 / 10
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60 / 100
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6 / 10
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Critic Reviews for Ace of Seafood

Ace Of Seafood is proof that even bad games can offer some entertainment value, and if you don't find the idea of massive, laser-shooting fish battling ghost battleships amusing, then you probably need to check your pulse. Beyond its utterly bonkers premise, it offers some surprisingly deep gameplay, with every battle presenting a different challenge and the need to constantly manage your resources adding a neat wrinkle to the arcade action. This fine balance between all-out blasting and tactical play makes this fishy game an intriguing prospect, but its myriad problems – which include poor production values, terrible interface design and awful music – suck some of the fun away. While we can't possibly recommend Ace of Seafood wholeheartedly, we also can't state categorically that you should avoid it; despite our frustrations we still had a surprisingly good time trying to rule its post-apocalyptic waters, and chances are you will, too.

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Ace of Seafood is a ridiculous game in a good way.

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If it played well, if it looked better, if it performed acceptably this could be a funny little cult-classic, a recommendation to the right audience. As it stands, however, all it has going for it is a prevailing mania. That's not enough.

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5 / 10

Ace of Seafood is a weird Japanese release which has a lot of flaws, the worst being the actual gameplay and how you control things. The camera will be your worst enemy, and aiming at enemies could definitely have been way better. I'd suggest you avoid this game unless it goes on sale and you really want to try a weird game that only gets weirder as you play more and more.

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As strange as it sounds, Ace of Seafood, down in its depths, is really about how we see ourselves—as human after all.

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Ultimately, Ace of Seafood is a one trick lobster.

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The UI in Ace of Seafood is a mess most of the time… there is so much information on the screen and so much going on that it’s difficult at first to know what you’re supposed to be looking at

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With all of its quirks, completely gonzo gameplay, and ability to defy easy (or possibly sensible) description Ace of Seafood is absolutely an acquired taste for the Switch. That said, as I came to terms with everything it was throwing at me on-screen by taking time to slowly set up a foundation to work with it grew on me. There's absolutely some fun to be had with it if you can embrace the insanity and silliness of it all, you just have to be open to its very non-traditional experience in order to get there.

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