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Dangerous Golf

Three Fields Entertainment
Jun 2, 2016 - PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5

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Critic Reviews for Dangerous Golf

Pared back and wonderfully focused, Dangerous Golf brings the spirit of Burnout indoors.

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Dangerous Golf dazzles with its impressive environmental destructibility and the general absurdity of its scenarios entertains for much of its 100 courses. However, blocked perspectives and fudged physics too often swap the fun for frustration, and ultimately you can only destroy the same expensive-looking props so many times before your appetite for destruction is well and truly sated.

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Dangerous Golf has a good variety of levels and lots of stuff to destroy, but offers weak, unsatisfying control over that destruction.

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Dangerous Golf is a battering ram and a ballet at the same time. You’ll cackle with glee at the carnage and stew over missed opportunities

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Dangerous Golf successfully blends puzzle with sports

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Dangerous Golf is a game for people who yearn for destruction, however shallow.

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At its best, Dangerous Golf is an addictive and enjoyable game of wanton destruction. Its levels are challenging, and destroying the beautifully-rendered interiors is just plain fun. However, a few flaws are evident in the gameplay that take the edge off the enjoyment, making it just a good game, rather than a great one.

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Dangerous Golf fancies itself silly and fun, as telegraphed by its lime-green menus, rollicking, record-scratch score, and "punk rock" appropriation of a haughty, classist sport. But the destruction doesn't have much of a satisfying crunch, exacerbated by the floaty ball controls when you're in peak destruction mode. The load times and egregious re-purposing of assets and areas kill any desire I have to get high scores on holes. And it doesn't even lean into its anachronistic, extreme-sport silliness thanks to its sterile Unreal 4 tech demo aesthetic and character-less "world tour." It's fun for a bit and then exhausts itself completely.

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