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Budget Cuts (VR)

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General Information

Available on:Oculus RiftJun 14, 2018
HTC ViveJun 14, 2018

Developer: Neat Corporation

Genre: Adventure

You are an employee at mega conglomerate TransCorp to stamp papers and file files! Unfortunately TransCorp is an expert in the business of manufacturing cost-cutting robots, and soon your job will be in danger. As another one of your coworkers is being dragged off to the terrifying HR department, a mysterious package arrives at your cubicle. Will you be able to save your job?

Budget Cuts (VR) Reviews

Budget Cuts is a fun VR game that creates an interesting, engaging world that's worth exploring, but only if Neat Corporations can iron out the bugs that mar an otherwise fun experience.

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Budget Cuts - Vision Summit 2016 Awards (pre-alpha trailer) thumbnail

Budget Cuts - Vision Summit 2016 Awards (pre-alpha trailer)

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